What is an Automotor Engine?

hispaniaautomotor.online – Automotive Engine or Automotive Engineering is one of the study programmes that focus on understanding, designing, developing, and maintaining engine systems used in motor vehicles. This major involves the application of mechanical engineering principles, including mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and materials technology in an automotive context.

Automotive Engine Science ?

High interest in the automotive field

For smart friends who have a high interest in the automotive field, this major can be the right choice. Because later you will learn a lot about how the machines used in automotive work. You can also explore your skills and expertise in this field.

Promising job prospects

Automotive is one of the industries that is developing rapidly. This of course opens up opportunities for automotive mechanical engineering graduates to be able to work in large companies in the automotive sector.

Insight into the automotive field

Automotive is an industry that continues to develop. For smart friends who study in this department, you will continue to learn new knowledge and have a broader insight into the development of automotive industry technology.

High average income

Working in the automotive industry has the opportunity to earn a high average income. Especially if you have the expertise and skills in handling automotive machining problems.





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